Monday, December 19, 2011

Pleasures of Shopping in Small Towns

I love Kernersville NC!  I used to live there until we moved out more in the country but we are still only 15 minutes away so I frequently do alot of my shopping there.

The downtown area is great with the town taking an old furniture factory and revamping it turning it into shops.  That's where I finished off my Christmas shopping today and decided to post some pictures of the decor outside and also a glimpse into Lady Bug's Garden & Gift Shop.

There is so much more charm to these locally owned business than the big box retailers as well as customer service.  It's so neat to me that they take the time to make your purchase bags look like a gift in itself.  Having been a previous business owner before retiring, I know it takes alot for these people to stay in business during tough times and it is my desire to help them stay in business longer.  More of us should think local before we go big retailers!  There is character in the shops themselves but also uniqueness in the gifts you find.  So...I challenge you to shop local!

Love North Carolina and all the offerings we have here.  I like calling North Carolina home!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting Projects Off Needles

After spending 2 days, actually 3, looking for my Size 7 Addi Lace needles, I decided to get some of my projects off needles so today, I will show off the first two of this task.  But, first I must tell you about the time I spent looking for those needles and believe me, it ruined one perfectly fine Sunday afternoon.  I looked everywhere that I have yarn hidden....oh I mean stashed!  - in all the closets, under the bed, in my linen closet name it!  - and to no avail.

On Tuesday (of course, I spent time on Monday looking), I was taking a bath and I prayed, not the first time, but I specifically said, PLEASE help me find those needles!  After getting out of the tub, I had the thought to go back into my bedroom closet and look on the floor in case I had just dropped it and maybe it wasn't on a project.  I went into the closet and moved a couple of blouses back with my hand and low and behold, there was yet another knitting bag!!!!!!!!!  and there were 2 other projects in the bag and there was my Size 7 Addi's! I was so excited and immediately said "thank you" to the one who gave me the insight to look there once again.

That day, I decided that I would put everything else aside and finish 3 projects that were almost done and the rest of the projects on needles would be removed from the needles and put back in the stash.  In this post are the 2 projects that I currently have finished............whew!

I know if you're a knitter and you're reading, you identify.  But, I must tell you.....I never did this much until I met my new knitting buddies and they inspire me to start more and more new

Friday, December 2, 2011

My New Red Sweater

I haven't been here for a while mainly because I've been sooo busy knitting and setting up my new Etsy page and just doing life but it's all good.  Busy is my "happy" place.  That's why I think knitting blesses so many of us because it keeps our minds healthy, moving always in some kind of direction.  I'm almost as good at unknitting as I am at knitting.  But it's all good.

This is the Aidez Sweater pattern.  This was probably my biggest challenge and you will notice I didn't take my pictures too close because I didn't wanna show you the mistakes.  But, hey, it's MY sweater and I will wear it with the booboo's and all and be happy for it.  It was a learning experience - probably the best one yet for me and it was a hard pattern for me but believe it or not, I already have the yarn to do it again.  My next one will fit better and look better but none other will hold a place in my heart like this red one.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to my friend, Dawn Flynn, KnittingDivaGirl, who made this sweater possible for me and was there for me every time I needed something.  LOVE my knitting girlfriends.  It goes to show you are never to old to experience wonderful new friends and find things in life that make you smile.  Love my girls!

Love my new wreath pictured in my picture.  My hubby actually went and got it for me just from a picture.  He loves to shop almost more than I do and that's hard to believe.  He said, "just give me a picture".  He did a great job!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Knitting Buddies

I am becoming accustomed to eating at home for the first time in years because of my mom's health and tonight while I was turning the dishwasher on, I was thinking about my new knitting friends and what a blessing this group has been for me.   Here I am, pretty much a full time caregiver, for my mother whom I dearly love and have a purpose in my heart to have no regrets.  But with that comes the isolation probably felt by thousands and thousands of people.  Just like so many other times in my life though God moved ahead of me, knowing where I would be.  He invited me to join a group of ladies as diverse as the day and night but all with 1 thing in common, knitting!  Even in my isolation, I have been given fellowship once a week at knitting and then frequently on the telephone or email or facebook, all which provide interaction for me.  Someone said to me once, it is always better to be running towards something than running from something and I feel as though they are helping me run toward something I enjoy.  The knitting itself may not amount to much but the fellowship......hum...that's life at its best.  On that is my latest knit that we all got the pattern for.  Mine turned out a little large for me and I'm going to have to figure out a way to wear it that will look pleasing to the eye!

By the way....I left 1 picture totally out.  My daughter took it and forgot to tell me to suck in my belly!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Easy Knits for Tough Times

Here are my two latest knitting projects, including the June Bug Wrap in light blue Joseph Galler Alpaca which I love!  These projects were worked on during very difficult times for me.  Unfortunately, one of the hardest things about being in my early _____'s....well I don't think I'll tell that your parents age and it's a sad but natural part of life.  My mom, who lives with me, had a really hard couple of weeks and was finally diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  While I don't know what the future holds, I do know WHO holds it so I will take one day at a time and enjoy every day that I get to spend with her.  In the meantime, I will probably have more knitting time.

My two latest projects here are the June Bug Wrap and Just Enough Ruffles Scarf.  Both easy and great knits! 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Christmas Stocking

I have uploaded my stocking onto my Ravelry page and now I'm seeing that doing the pictures, blogging, and of course, finishing the projects are all going to have to be linked together and of course, it will all take time.  Seems like I'm not going to be as consistent as I thought I would be last!!

Anyway, on to the Christmas Stocking.  I don't do tons of decorating at my house but when offered the opportunity to take this class with some knitting friends, I couldn't resist mainly because of just the fellowship with like minded women!  We thoroughly enjoyed taking the class together and the challenges this project incurred.  I love the chance to knit together almost as much as I love the result of this stocking.  Take a look and see what new technique I learned called INTARSIA....!  There was really nothing to the technique...the word "Old over new" was repeated in my brain every time I picked up this project and knitted.  It was so funny to me!!

Anyway, this ended up being something I will cherish and something I will think about doing again...I do need 2!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Favorite Things

Today's favorite thing is found at Fresh Market in Winston-Salem or Greensboro and it's called SPICE DELIGHT.  This is one of my favorite finds of all time.  My main use is, this year, vegetables from my very own garden in the way of squash, zucchini and tomatoes.  I actually just put on a batch in the oven mixed with onions and fresh basil covered with a little olive oil and cooked to perfection.  All for an afternoon with my hubby, mom, daughter and one of her friends.

This along with a turkey tenderloin and salad this afternoon before we go take a dip in the lake to get a little relief from these 90 + degree temperatures.

We are really blessed!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Movie Knitting

Tried knitting in the movie today just to see if it was possible.  Since I currently have 6 projects started, yes I said 6.....I took one that I'm working on from the Summer 2011 issue of Knitscene.  It's strictly garter stitch, the Insignia Shawl, knitting and decreasing every row from the 200 stitch cast on.  lol.....3 rows done but major panic almost set in on the last row when I thought I had dropped a stitch.  I have been knitting long enough to be able to knit garter stitch without looking but there is a major difference between not looking and not being able to see!!!

Pictures will follow when I get finished but remember, one never knows which project I might pickup next.  love knitting!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

My First Blog

I am so thankful to have become involved in group knitting buddies again because it has inspired me to move into some new and exciting knits...!!  Hopefully, future posts will come with pictures and comments and lots of happy moments while creating each and every piece.