Saturday, July 30, 2011

Christmas Stocking

I have uploaded my stocking onto my Ravelry page and now I'm seeing that doing the pictures, blogging, and of course, finishing the projects are all going to have to be linked together and of course, it will all take time.  Seems like I'm not going to be as consistent as I thought I would be last!!

Anyway, on to the Christmas Stocking.  I don't do tons of decorating at my house but when offered the opportunity to take this class with some knitting friends, I couldn't resist mainly because of just the fellowship with like minded women!  We thoroughly enjoyed taking the class together and the challenges this project incurred.  I love the chance to knit together almost as much as I love the result of this stocking.  Take a look and see what new technique I learned called INTARSIA....!  There was really nothing to the technique...the word "Old over new" was repeated in my brain every time I picked up this project and knitted.  It was so funny to me!!

Anyway, this ended up being something I will cherish and something I will think about doing again...I do need 2!!!

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