Saturday, August 27, 2011

Knitting Buddies

I am becoming accustomed to eating at home for the first time in years because of my mom's health and tonight while I was turning the dishwasher on, I was thinking about my new knitting friends and what a blessing this group has been for me.   Here I am, pretty much a full time caregiver, for my mother whom I dearly love and have a purpose in my heart to have no regrets.  But with that comes the isolation probably felt by thousands and thousands of people.  Just like so many other times in my life though God moved ahead of me, knowing where I would be.  He invited me to join a group of ladies as diverse as the day and night but all with 1 thing in common, knitting!  Even in my isolation, I have been given fellowship once a week at knitting and then frequently on the telephone or email or facebook, all which provide interaction for me.  Someone said to me once, it is always better to be running towards something than running from something and I feel as though they are helping me run toward something I enjoy.  The knitting itself may not amount to much but the fellowship......hum...that's life at its best.  On that is my latest knit that we all got the pattern for.  Mine turned out a little large for me and I'm going to have to figure out a way to wear it that will look pleasing to the eye!

By the way....I left 1 picture totally out.  My daughter took it and forgot to tell me to suck in my belly!

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