Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Swing Coat

Love this swing coat because it's pretty, comfortable and looks great with my leggings and boots and of course, because I knitted it!  It's so much pleasure wearing your knits when they turn out well.  This was a simple pattern and the yarn turned out quite a piece.

Did I almost forget to mention Angel, my silky terrier!  I didn't have room for both dogs in this chair and my hubby was picture taking and in a hurry!  

Hee, hee.....I bought the exact same yarn as my buddy, Dawn Flynn, KnittingDivaGirl,  same color and all....Noro Furisode which has been discontinued.  Glad she didn't mind.  She's got a great eye for color and we don't run in ALL the same circles.  

Already moved on to about 3 new projects!  knit on sista!

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