Sunday, August 14, 2011

Easy Knits for Tough Times

Here are my two latest knitting projects, including the June Bug Wrap in light blue Joseph Galler Alpaca which I love!  These projects were worked on during very difficult times for me.  Unfortunately, one of the hardest things about being in my early _____'s....well I don't think I'll tell that your parents age and it's a sad but natural part of life.  My mom, who lives with me, had a really hard couple of weeks and was finally diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  While I don't know what the future holds, I do know WHO holds it so I will take one day at a time and enjoy every day that I get to spend with her.  In the meantime, I will probably have more knitting time.

My two latest projects here are the June Bug Wrap and Just Enough Ruffles Scarf.  Both easy and great knits! 

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