Monday, December 19, 2011

Pleasures of Shopping in Small Towns

I love Kernersville NC!  I used to live there until we moved out more in the country but we are still only 15 minutes away so I frequently do alot of my shopping there.

The downtown area is great with the town taking an old furniture factory and revamping it turning it into shops.  That's where I finished off my Christmas shopping today and decided to post some pictures of the decor outside and also a glimpse into Lady Bug's Garden & Gift Shop.

There is so much more charm to these locally owned business than the big box retailers as well as customer service.  It's so neat to me that they take the time to make your purchase bags look like a gift in itself.  Having been a previous business owner before retiring, I know it takes alot for these people to stay in business during tough times and it is my desire to help them stay in business longer.  More of us should think local before we go big retailers!  There is character in the shops themselves but also uniqueness in the gifts you find.  So...I challenge you to shop local!

Love North Carolina and all the offerings we have here.  I like calling North Carolina home!

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  1. Thanks for showing me another side of Kernersville, haven't been there in a long time but look forward to checking out the local shops.