Friday, December 2, 2011

My New Red Sweater

I haven't been here for a while mainly because I've been sooo busy knitting and setting up my new Etsy page and just doing life but it's all good.  Busy is my "happy" place.  That's why I think knitting blesses so many of us because it keeps our minds healthy, moving always in some kind of direction.  I'm almost as good at unknitting as I am at knitting.  But it's all good.

This is the Aidez Sweater pattern.  This was probably my biggest challenge and you will notice I didn't take my pictures too close because I didn't wanna show you the mistakes.  But, hey, it's MY sweater and I will wear it with the booboo's and all and be happy for it.  It was a learning experience - probably the best one yet for me and it was a hard pattern for me but believe it or not, I already have the yarn to do it again.  My next one will fit better and look better but none other will hold a place in my heart like this red one.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to my friend, Dawn Flynn, KnittingDivaGirl, who made this sweater possible for me and was there for me every time I needed something.  LOVE my knitting girlfriends.  It goes to show you are never to old to experience wonderful new friends and find things in life that make you smile.  Love my girls!

Love my new wreath pictured in my picture.  My hubby actually went and got it for me just from a picture.  He loves to shop almost more than I do and that's hard to believe.  He said, "just give me a picture".  He did a great job!

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