Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting Projects Off Needles

After spending 2 days, actually 3, looking for my Size 7 Addi Lace needles, I decided to get some of my projects off needles so today, I will show off the first two of this task.  But, first I must tell you about the time I spent looking for those needles and believe me, it ruined one perfectly fine Sunday afternoon.  I looked everywhere that I have yarn hidden....oh I mean stashed!  - in all the closets, under the bed, in my linen closet name it!  - and to no avail.

On Tuesday (of course, I spent time on Monday looking), I was taking a bath and I prayed, not the first time, but I specifically said, PLEASE help me find those needles!  After getting out of the tub, I had the thought to go back into my bedroom closet and look on the floor in case I had just dropped it and maybe it wasn't on a project.  I went into the closet and moved a couple of blouses back with my hand and low and behold, there was yet another knitting bag!!!!!!!!!  and there were 2 other projects in the bag and there was my Size 7 Addi's! I was so excited and immediately said "thank you" to the one who gave me the insight to look there once again.

That day, I decided that I would put everything else aside and finish 3 projects that were almost done and the rest of the projects on needles would be removed from the needles and put back in the stash.  In this post are the 2 projects that I currently have finished............whew!

I know if you're a knitter and you're reading, you identify.  But, I must tell you.....I never did this much until I met my new knitting buddies and they inspire me to start more and more new

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