Sunday, July 14, 2013

What Are you Here For?

What are you here for?  That was the question in today's sermon.  I'd say by now way more than one half my life is over and I'm hoping I can look at it and tell you some of the things I'm here for.  I'm here to walk with God.....I'm here to be a daughter, wife and mother and be the best I can be.  I'm here to be a good friend and to feed the hungry and I'm here to be a good listener and a prayer warrior for those in my sphere of atmosphere.

It has made me reflect all day and to ask the Lord to reveal His plan for the rest of my days, they pass so quickly.

I'm posting a picture of two of my closest cousins growing up.  I'm sure most people have family members they are pretty close to growing up and then we allow distance in many ways but it seems to me that as we age, we have a coming back together phase of our lives.  At least, it has been that way for me.

This is a picture of the two cousins that I was very close to growing up.  I had no sisters and we spent lots and lots of time together.  Mostly, I was trying to get the other two in trouble, I must admit!  The one in the middle is in need of much prayer so if you read this and you pray, just mention this to Him as you read and I know He will hear and answer prayer.  I love these girls.

What are you here for?  I hope you's important.

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