Monday, July 8, 2013

Enjoying Life

It has been so long since I blogged.....I think about it often but just do not take the time.  I'm having a wonderful summer so far.  As most of you know, I am currently helping my 86 year old mother.  She moved in 3 years ago when my dad got sick and I have had to care for her at times, much more than at other times. She fell on December 21 last year and put her left eye out.  It's a total mystery about what she hit to cause such a tragic injury.  At the time, I thought it most certainly would be fatal but alas, she has recovered all but the sight in that eye and she is actually doing better than she was before the fall.

This has allowed me and Tom, my husband, to get out and enjoy living on the lake together some.  We are so very blessed to have a boat slip on a lake near Winston-Salem NC.  We went out for just a bit on Saturday and I have the sweetest picture of Tom and his dog Zoe.  Zoe was a rescue from the pound and she was a gift from our daughter for his father's day two years ago.  Zoe has brought him much pleasure in his man cave.  He has a heated and air conditioned garage and Zoe abides with him in his hole.  I thought this was just a precious picture.......Did I mention that Tom is a Vietnam Veteran and finds few things in life where he really allows himself to relax....

Well now as to important things.......knitting.  I can say that I have just completed two very inspiring knits.  The Purple Haze probably took me 3 months to knit.  The yarn is luscious, maybe the best I have ever knitted with.  I have 2 more skeins to use and cannot decide what I will knit with those.  Here's the Purple one.......

And then there was this........a fun project and one that I KNOW I will wear once cold weather once again hits North Carolina.......this is sooooo cute although a bit pricey.

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