Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! and my blog about FEAR!

I decided to post these paintings that are currently in a little shop in Reidsville NC called MishMosh for sale...these are my paintings and just a reminder that you are only limited in your life by your thoughts.  I never took an art class and never even knew I could paint until visiting a neighbor and a friend who had taken painting classes and I sat down with a book and drawing pad and was amazed that I could actually draw.  I was in my late 50's and began painting and learning and loving it.

My fifties proved to be rewarding for me where I learned several things I never thought I would -  like getting my motorcycle license.  So I decided to write a blog about FEAR and how it keeps us from doing things in our life that we could be thoroughly enjoying.

When you're a small child you learn about the world through your reactions -- mainly from your reactions to your parents.  The world is a scary  place.  You hear your parents arguing and it frightens you.  You hear scary sounds.  You hear the wind and the rain and you shiver in fear, you hear your parents worrying about bills and you recoil in fear.  You hear strange noises in the night, you hear frightening sounds that you don't understand, your infantile mind shrinks in confusion and terror -- you feel or perceive that the world is a strange and scary place.  I remember my daughter had such a fear of bugs, I promise I think she could see a gnat at night!

You cry to be comforted and you may or may not be comforted.  If no comfort comes,  your reaction may be that there is something wrong with you and you feel unlovable and unloved and not cared for.  You are terrified.  You are alone and a world that you do not understand. You are seeing from a different perspective.

The crux of that is that you respond to your infantile perceptions as though they were actual experiences.  You do not differentiate infantile perceptions from actual experiences.  What you perceive and react to become experiences.  These experiences sift down into your unconscious.  Later in life, situations that you may encounter mirror your infantile "experiences".  These infantile experiences become embedded in your unconscious.  They stay with you.  They affect and color your entire life.  They influence everything you do throughout your life, although you might never be aware of it.

In other words, your reactions and experiences as an infant may very well influence you during your entire life.  I know mine did and so did those of my daughter.   In a strange way, your infantile experiences may influence everything you do in later life.  Your infantile perceptions may stay with you during your entire adult life.  The spouse you pick, the profession you choose, the food you prefer, where you live, may very well be influenced by your infantile perceptions, experiences that have remained with you...."leftover" perceptions (experiences) from infancy.  These are all very true and real.

To put it bluntly, for many of us, one of the biggest components in our lives may be unrecognized and unconscious FEAR ---- residual fear buried deep in our unconscious----remnants from a terrified infancy.

I challenge you today to breakout and break bad and shake loose some of the FEAR that restrains you from doing something new in your life and what a better time than through the season that brought about new to a different level through the person of Jesus Christ who made all things new, the same yesterday, today and forever!

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