Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Good news today from the plastic surgeon who removed a place on my face this week and 1 on my leg....the place on my face was a "basil cell carcinoma" but she got it all on Monday and the place on my leg was "sun damage".  It's so strange what your mind goes thru when they do these things and then waiting on the pathology report.  I was telling my husband, I think being human just causes you to worry even if you're praying and thinking you're really okay.

Just reflecting this week about some of the things that bring me so much pleasure (besides knitting, of course) and these ferns were purchased very early this year because of the fabulous spring weather we had here in North Carolina.  I have already thoroughly enjoyed them....they are called "Macho Ferns" and they are the first I've ever had.  They don't shed which gives them a big thumbs up from me but they are absolutely gorgeous!

So pretty, I just wanted to share a couple of pictures along with my great news!

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